You too can have successful and profitable Launches!  Whether you have got online courses, memberships and digital programs! It’s possible for you to create the success you desire. I know that your desire to impact your tribe is so heavy that you can’t wait to see their lives transformed.

But how? you ask? 🤷🏾‍♀️ You see, Launching doesn’t have to be all draining, coffee-fueled or exhausting.


It can actually be lush, fun, profitable and exciting when you have the right tools, people and processes not just the strategy.

Strategies are gorgeous until you reach the point of IMPLEMENTATION and MANAGEMENT in your own business and then sets in the overwhelm, stress and shiny object syndrome.

There are more than a thousand ways to launch your digital products or programs but you can only find out what works for you and your personality when you implement and analyze and that’s where a Launch Manager comes in.

Launch management is all about planning and management of the moving pieces of your launch plan and processes.


Who is a Launch Manager?

A launch manager is an expert that oversees all the steps and processes leading to the launch of a program or service. This means that your launch gets plans and implements your launch from start to finish so you can focus on being the Visionary CEO that you are.

Implementation of your launch strategies gives you the opportunity to do those launch activities that only you can do so that you don’t get overwhelmed, stressed or masked up with all the things to be done. Instead, you focus on your strength and prioritize Self-care.

Launch Management is a combination of done for you (DFY) and done with you (DWY) support service that will take your launch from point A to point Z during and after your launch project.

You can have a launch manager on your team as a retainer or on a project-based term. The sweet spot is having one launch Manager work with you long term rather than changing per launch because this gives the Launch Manager the opportunity to understand your business and launch variables that will help you scale consistently.


Why Launch Management?

The benefits of working with a Launch Project Manager weighs more than you can imagine.  It’s an investment for your business that yields a great Return on Investment – (ROI).

So, here are the reasons to invest in Launch Management:

  1. A Strategic Partner to run ideas through instead of being a lone-ranger.
  2. Confident approach towards your offers so you can create more impact.
  3. Clear and unique launch implementation plan.
  4. An expert second eye that oversees the moving parts of your launch project.
  5. Time for prioritized and maximum self-care so you can show up authentically.
  6. Ample time to focus on client-facing activities, audience building and sales.
  7. A partner that sees to the implementation and management of your launch related team members.





When do you need a Launch Manager?

A launch manager is needed when you know that you don’t have the capacity to handle your launch alone even as a first-time launcher. You have got the strategies but the moving parts overwhelm you. You can’t just deal with all the sales events, Launch timeline activities, tech and launch deliverables that will guarantee your launch success. There you are ——You are ready to make the investment of working with a Launch Project Manager.

Also, that’s where I come in as a certified Launch Project Manager. I can support you to manage your launch projects with ease without losing your authentic self.


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Launch Management Deliverables

I know you are wondering what you will get when you decide to work with a Launch Project Manager. Right? Let me say that a Launch Manager is not responsible for making sales for your launch but rather, has the responsibility of managing the backend Launch timeline events that will finally result in sales and sold-out launches. This means that you as the Visionary has to bring to the table features that contribute to having profitable launches.

These include:

  • Your authentic self/personality 
  • Audience interested in your offer
  • Clear offer
  • Messaging that drives the right traffic
  • Sales /Email/ Social media copy that convert 
  • Funnel value ladder that increases customer lifetime

If you don’t have all the listed above, consider going back to the drawing table because your launch will experience unforeseen mishaps and you don’t want to be the one contributing to them. I know you have been sold the idea of launching without the variables listed above but take a step back and check how that has panned out. Nothing beats an organized and planned out launch. You can launch without an audience but your launch goals won’t be geared towards revenue generation but metrics evaluation.

Now, when you work with me as your Launch Project Manager, here are the Launch Deliverables you will get:

  • Your Customized Launch Plan Document
  • Management of the Launch deliverables and team members
  • Weekly team meetings with ongoing support during the Launch Timeline.
  • Weekly calls that consist of onboarding, launch planning, progress and optimization sessions.
  • Tracking of all Launch related metrics and Launch wrap up document.

This does not include:

  • Writing your Sales pages or Social Media Content
  • Implementation or tech setup
  • Video or Image editing

Now, you have an understanding of what, why and when of Launch Project Management, I invite you to work with me on your next launch project and let’s create the impact you truly desire with ease without losing your authentic self.


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